Seychelles Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) Dashboard

The Nairobi Convention Secretariat has built interactive dashboards for a range of different Western Indian Ocean (WIO) data. The visualizations below showcase the Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in Seychelles and was generated from our Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) Outlook that was produced in collaboration with the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA) with the financial support of the Global Environment Facilitt and the Government of Sweden.


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a) Special Reserves – wildlife requires protection, all other interests and activities are subordinated to this end

b) National Parks – for the propagation, protection and preservation of wildlife or the preservation of places or objects of aesthetic, geological, prehistoric, historical, archaeological or other scientific interest

c) Area(s) of Outstanding Natural Beauty – for its natural beauty or other special characteristics, for its preservation and maintenanc,e for the benefit, advantage and enjoyment of the general public.

d) Shell Reserves - Designated for the conservation of marine gastropods


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